Console Retractor with Brass Bolt Clip

Console Retractor with Brass Bolt Clip

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Keep gauge console close to diver, and easy to use. 


RT# series SCUBA Console retractor has a 32" extension which allows mounting of retractor at hip / buoyancy compensator pocket area.

Brass bolt clip attaches to D-rings, or straps. 

Inc. Mounts:  Brass Rotating Bolt Clip

End Type:  QC-II

Inc. Accessories:  QC-II Male w/1" Split Ring

Force:  24-oz, Retraction Force

Extension:  32 inch / 18 inch

Line Type:  Spectra/Nylon line / Stainless Steel

Breaking Rating:  80-lb Breaking Force / 60-lb Breaking Force

SKU:  RT3-0083 / RT4-5983 (does not have lock)